About EC Swim

Message from the founder – Our mission at EC Swim.

“Swimming is an art. As a human being you are not a born swimmer. You have to learn to swim, but for you to swim with the right technique you need a coach you can trust. A good coach teaches you to swim, but a great coach knows your challenges and fears. Learning to swim at EC Swim is a partnership between your coach and you. At EC Swim we help you as an adult (or help your child) to set goals, breakthrough your fears and challenges and finally be able to swim on your own with great confidence.

Your mind is very powerful. Integration of your physical body and mind is very important for effective learning. At EC Swim we understand the biomechanics of swimming, so our approach and programme is very unique. We share our knowledge of this technology with you to help you swim with the right technique, confidently and in the shortest time possible.”

"Your success is our satisfaction."

“I am Bernard, founder of EC Swim and I have been a swimmer and teacher, plus coach for more than 15 years. My passion is to coach children and adults who want to feel safe and confidently learn swimming easily, with the right technique.

I combine my many years of teaching and coaching with my knowledge of biomechanics of the body and mind to bring you the art of swimming.”