Welcome to Ecswim


We Teach The Art of Swimming with Passion and Safety

Come Discover Our 4 Pillars Partnership Swimming Approach that Guarantee Your Child to Swim Proficiently and Safely In Our Exclusive Private Pool.

Find out more about swimming lessons today at ecswim. Call us now at 03-79600539 or 0122233321. Come in, have a chat with Ms Ng / Bernard for your all your swimming needs and inquiries.

5 Reasons to Learn with ecswim:

  • Proficient and Safe : In ecswim we prepare our student to be a proficient and safe swimmer. As the student progress, we also provide proven programs for competitive swimming.
  • Holistic Progress : Our unique 4 Pillars Partnership culture where we involve the parents, students and instructors together with our proven swimming system, will ensure and highlight your child monthly swimming progress holistically.
  • Qualified Instructors :  All our dedicated instructors are highly qualified with certification from Asum or national sport council.
  • Comprehensive Tracking System : All our student records and achievements are recorded in our comprehensive tracking system to monitor their swimming progress for improvement and feedback.
  • Fun, Play and Learn : Our vision is to educate your children to swim in a secure caring, optimistic, and enjoyable atmosphere. We observe that every child is an individual with various emotional and developmental needs and abilities.
  • Conducive lounge

5 Benefits of swimming in ecswim:

  • Reduce Injury : At ecswim, our custom water exercises help to reduce serious injuries. It is also a form of therapy recommended by orthopedics specialist to those recovering from injuries.
  • Breathing Skills : Our Swimming activities in ecswim will enhance your control breathing abilities. So in long run your lung will breath in more oxygen and effectively will increase your lung capacity which in some cases prevents asthma attacks and other breathing system related illness.
  • Discipline Life : Our program for age 4 to 7 years old will help your children develop and enhance their life skills such as following instructions, listening, focus, planning and flexible motor movement skills which eventually will lead to an effective discipline and productive life.
  • Cardiovascular Workout : Swimming excellent cardiovascular workout to help maintain your right proportion of body weight, flexibility and physique or figure.
  • Personal Development : Swimming proficiently will help your children to develop self- confidence with school and personal life.